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Posted on 13th Oct 2020


Dear Members

We all hope you are looking forward to getting back to a competitive bowls season. This will be a different experience for all our members depending on whether they feel confident in going outside and playing sport in the knowledge that we have provided a safe place to play or whether people wish to remain just playing in friendly roll ups.

As there are a few new members on the committee we wanted to change things up a bit and come up with a new format for the newsletter. This will provide information from different members of the management committee depending on where we are within the season and will also hopefully bring a new vigour to the club. We are here to provide a voice for all members and would like everyone to feel comfortable in being able to approach the committee with any ideas, suggestions or comments on how they wish the club to move forward.

Vice Chairman’s comments

As new Vice Chairman I am keen to co-ordinate the smooth transition from the previous committee to the new and am gaining as much knowledge of what has happened within the club over the last couple of years so that I can meet the challenge head on. I feel that there is lots to do to maintain the club and also look to our future. I will be looking to put together a survey that we would encourage all members to participate in to see how the club wants to look in the short to long term. At the end of the day the club has to move in the direction that its members want, but also bearing in mind that we need some fresh blood to take up the reigns over the coming years.

30th May 2021

Bowls England have set up an initiative of the ‘Bowls Big Weekend’ which is happening on the May Bank Holiday weekend and we are getting involved in this and will open up the club to outside local residents for a fun day of bowls for all ages. We already have 15 people signed up for this event!!  The youngsters are the way forward and we will be looking to encourage more children to join in on the Saturday coaching and hopefully their parents will want to be involved too.

As you are all aware a few of our committee members are taking a step back and we will need support from younger members to help run and maintain the club in the future. We may be looking for a few volunteers for this day, but will keep you posted. It will be happening on Sunday 30th May. If you have any friends or family you think would like to give it a go, get them to sign up on the Bowls England website @


We would like to thank Robin Lunn, Gill Lunn, Julie Hall, Grahame Harris and Mick Palmby for all their sterling support in running the club over the last few years but it is now time for other members to step forward and help out. We have asked for a couple of roles to be filled but not had anyone step forward as yet. The roles are Maintenance Manager, Ladies County Secretary and Ladies Representative. Please do put your names forward as we need everyone to help run the club, not just the few.

The clubhouse extension is 80% complete, but there are a number of jobs that need finishing off. We will be getting the paving done as soon as possible to make this area safe and the plastering will be carried out in the next 2 weeks. The decorating is being looked at for pricing and will keep you posted on this.  We are hoping that members will help with the cladding as this is something that can be done by members.  We will be looking at a work day where we hope some of you fit strong men and women will step forward to help out. We all enjoy the club and its’ grounds but this can’t continue to be maintained unless we all put some effort in.


We currently have 135 full paying members of the club with some new members joining recently. Welcome to Paul and Gillian Eldridge, Michael Hobday and Alan Cray. We have 17 social members with a couple of new members, welcome to Michael Abbs, Val Cray and Brian Waldren. We have 3 life playing member, 2 Non-Playing Life members, 5 juniors and 1 student.

As you can see our junior section is really lacking and we need to increase this to ensure a positive future for the club and the game.

Happy birthday to Sue Baker, Michael Capelin, Pat Richards, Deborah Trend and Michael Hobday.


As you have seen we have sent round the fixture list for this year and have already started the friendlies. There is a lot going on at the moment and it is very fluid so we will keep you posted regularly as per Barry’s email earlier this week.

Playing Committee

We have had a huge response to the club tournaments and you have all been sent the draw so good luck to all those playing.  As noted by Barry this week there are lots of other leagues that are being sorted currently, so please keep an eye on your emails as this will be the way we will be communicating with you.

Please enjoy the season and we will be writing again soon.


The Management Committee

Bearsted and Thurnham Bowls Club 2021